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New microprocessor control board of latest generation

• Conformity to UNI EN81-1/2 rules and certifi cation for A3 Emendament.
• Conformity to A3 Emendament of hydraulic and/or electric lifts for the following modes:
  • self monitoring of double hydraulic descent solenoid valves
  • driving of an extra hydraulic descent solenoid valve as stopping element
  • monitoring of correct operation of the special A3 Emendament hydraulic systems
    NGV (GMV) and KMI (MORIS)
  • self monitoring of double safety electric brakes on driving shaft of the machine motor
  • monitoring of extra safety electric brake as stopping element
  • monitoring of correct operation of overspeed governors with anti-creeping device
• Flexible use on MRL systems thanks to its reduced size (240x130mm).
• Data visualizing and programming through an alphanumeric dot matrix display with 4 lines
  of 20 characters.
• Flexible positioning of data display for vertical or horizontal board assembling.
• Complete electric cabling with plug-in terminals.
• Single rectifi ed 18Vac +/- 10% electric supply with 12Vdc integrated battery charger.
• Programmable data visualizing language on the alphanumeric display.
• System capacity up to 32 stops with universal and down or full collective manoeuvres.
• Multiplex function up to 4 lifts with parallel boards connection through RS485 cable.
• Direct connection capability to local computer through USB and/or RS232 interfaces.
• General basic fi rmware programmable for hydraulic or electric lifts with any manoeuvre
• Firmware updating capability through SD Memory Card module with directly insertion in a
  suitable board slot, or through local or remote computer.
• Remote maintenance through MODEM or GSM optional module, externally connectible to
  the board, via RS232 interface.
• Parameters and function programmability through clear menus visualized on the
  alphanumeric display, or through local or remote computer.
• Alarm history permanent storage of the 30 last fault events.
• Integrated real time clock for date and time fi ling of each fault event in the alarm history
• Clear meaning visualization of each fault in the alarm history storage through the
  alphanumeric display, or through local or remote computer.
• Continues visualization on the alphanumeric display of the following informations:
  • Status and/or phase of lift working
  • Status of the magnetic sensors for car position
  • Status of the main safety line
  • Car position, car running direction, and arriving position
  • Last current fault indication
  • Date/time and fi rmware revision
  • Lift register number (programmable up to 8 characters)
• Possibility of direct control of VVVF drivers through CANBUS or RS485 interfaces.
• High speed lifts management up to 3 intermediate speeds further on the nominal speed.
• Car positioning management with 3 selectable modes:
  • Traditional magnet sensors
  • Direct interfacing through RS485 to the absolute encoding system USP30-100
  • Pulses detection from incremental encoder mounted on main motor shaft or on the
   speed governor pulley (the encoder on main motor shaft is the same one usable for
   closed loop regulation of the VVVF drive)
• Automatic detection of fl oors quotes and slowing down spaces for every possible drive
  speed, with car positioning mode selected through absolute encoding system or       
  incremental encoder.
• Connection of fl oors and cabin call buttons and lamps through 4 unshielded wires serial    
  line or through traditional cabling (mixed system are also possible: serial line for cabin and
  traditional cabling for fl oors, or traditional cabling for cabin and serial line for floors).
• Serial line connection for cabin call buttons and lamps via CANBUS protocol, with signalling
  pick-up through multifunction cabin display.
• Serial line connection for fl oors call buttons and lamps via RS485 protocol, with pick-up  
  of 2 buttons and 2 lamps per fl oor through multifunction floor display or, in absence of 
  floor display, through a suitable interface module at each floor.
• Availability of a CANBUS serial interface module, for cabin roof placement, to make serial
  connection of traditional cabled cabin call buttons and lamps.


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